Terms and conditions of the service of Redpack, S.A. de C.V.

PARCEL & COURIER SERVICES AGREEMENT HEREBY ENTERED BY AND BETWEEN REDPACK, S.A. DE C.V. constituted according to Mexican Law on January 13, 1994 in Public Deed No. 86725, Book 1705 raised before Lic. Arturo Sobrino Franco, Public Notary No. 49 of Mexico, D.F. (party that in this contract will be called Redpack); and on the other hand, the sender, whose details appear on the face of this guide (part that in this contract will be referred to as “The Sender”

Both contracting parties express their agreement to enter into this contract in accordance with the terms and conditions that appear on both sides (front and back) of this document, which in this contract will be referred to as “Guide”.

General Clauses of the Contract

Clause 1. Redpack is obliged to the Sender to provide the Courier and Parcel service, as the case may be, of the envelope or package described on the face of this Guide, which the Sender delivers (to which hereafter in this contract is will be called “the Shipment”), agreeing to send it to the recipient under the terms and conditions stipulated on the face of this Guide, a service that will also be subject to the provisions of the following clauses.

Clause 2. Redpack is obliged to the Sender, as long as the carrier line (s) used in the terms of sub-clause 4.1 has (have) complied with its official schedule (s). , to deliver the Shipment within a period of one to seven business days, depending on the service and destination contracted, and in accordance with the delivery terms of Redpack published in its general table of services that is available to the public in its collecting offices and that the Sender declares to know and agree with them. The above terms will be increased by forty-eight hours (48) more hours, in cases in which the Shipment has required transshipment or that due to its content requires special transportation at the request of the Sender, the aforementioned terms will be interrupted on days Saturdays, Sundays and the mandatory breaks indicated by the Federal Labor Law, days in which Redpack does not provide services.

Clause 3. The Sender agrees to Redpack:

3.1. To pay the service fee and taxes.

3.2. Respond to the veracity of what is inserted on the face of this Guide (data of the sender, the recipient, number of packages and the content of the shipment, total weight and overweight). Stating under protest of telling the truth, that he is the legitimate holder (or his representative or authorized agent) of the document (s) or effect (s) that is transported under this Guide, and that he has the powers and rights to enter into this contract.

3.3. To remove Redpack as well as its staff, representatives and carriers from any claim or liability arising from the content of The Shipment, and to pay against the presentation of simple receipt for any damages that have been incurred.

3.4. The expenses and costs for storage and / or return of The Shipment to its place of origin, due to errors attributable and verifiable to the Sender, are payable upon delivery of The Shipment.

The Sender accepts that the service, subject of this contract, will be provided as long as he has unequivocally inserted the aforementioned data requested on the front of this Guide, including within them the complete addresses of the Sender and the Recipient, with their postal codes and phones.

Clause 4. The Sender in this contract acknowledges and agrees that:

4.1. For the provision of the service object of this contract, Redpack will choose according to its experience, the commercial means of transport that will carry out the transfer of the shipment from the city of origin to the city of destination.

4.2. If the content of the shipment does not agree with the one that appears on the front of the Guide and / or if it is one of those that are included in Clause 9 of this contract, Redpack is automatically released from the obligation to provide the service subject to this contract; Redpack being obliged in these cases exclusively to notify the Sender as soon as possible of the place and conditions in which the aforementioned shipment is located, in order that the Sender can manage its release and recovery at his own risk and risk in these cases; Regardless of whether Redpack detects the aforementioned irregularity and / or whether the service is provided, the Sender assumes responsibility for the damages to which the Shipment may be exposed.

4.3. Redpack has the right, but not the obligation, to inspect the content of the shipment, and to do so require the Sender to open and acknowledge it. And, if this, upon request, refuses or omits the diligence, Redpack will be free of any responsibility for the aforementioned Shipment.

4.4. Redpack will have the right to retain The Shipment when the Sender owes it charges for the contracted service, without prejudice to the fact that it deducts the corresponding actions.

Clause 5. Redpack assumes as maximum responsibility for the Shipment the equivalent to the amount of up to thirty (30) times the general minimum wage in force in Mexico City, on the date that it has received and documented the Shipment in the place of origin of the service. If the Shipment suffers, due to causes attributable to Redpack, total loss, damage or impairment, this obligation will be fulfilled by Redpack by covering the cost of the repair or, where appropriate, the replacement of the damaged or lost item, for which the Sender must justify to Redpack the repair or replacement costs with the respective receipts.

If the effects contained in the Shipment are damaged or lost due to improper packaging or packaging, Redpack does not assume any responsibility towards the Sender, as long as this is not attributable to Redpack.

Clause 6. Redpack accepts that if the delivery deadlines for the Shipment at its destination, provided for in Clause 2, are not met. From this contract for causes attributable to it, at the Sender’s written request, Redpack will provide an additional service free of charge between the same cities and up to the same weight of the Delayed Shipment. The additional service will not be transferable and must be used within a period of twelve months from the date Redpack received and document the Delayed Shipment. Except for the responsibility assumed by Redpack in this clause, the parties agree that Redpack does not assume any other responsibility for delays in the collection and documentation, in the transportation or in the delivery of the Shipment.

Clause 7. Both parties to this contract agree that in the event that the Shipment is lost, damaged or delivered late at its destination, in none of these cases and for no reason, Redpack will be responsible for any direct or indirect damage. caused to the Sender, the Recipient or any third party, including, without limitation, losses of sales, profits, interests, expected profits, market losses, etc., in any case, both agree that the responsibilities maximums that Redpack assumes are exclusively those provided in clause 5. first paragraph, and 6th.

Clause 8. The parties agree that Redpack will not be responsible for losses, damage, poor delivery or delayed delivery due to: A) force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. B) by acts or dispositions of any governmental authority. C) for incorrect or incomplete information on the address of the Recipient that is not attributable to Redpack. D) for electrical, magnetic, erasure or any other damage to electronic images, photographs or engravings of any kind. D) The Sender uses insufficient or inadequate packaging or packaging for the nature of the content of the Shipment.

Clause 9. Redpack does not accept to receive shipments containing money, instruments or negotiable instruments, jewelery, antiques, precious metals, pieces of art, precious or semi-precious stones, industrial coals or diamonds, spirits, spirits and wines, firearms, explosives, plants and animals , obscene, offensive or degrading materials, goods or effects restricted by laws or by federal or local administrative provisions and / or by the “IATA”, including hazardous materials in their handling, such as those that are corrosive or flammable, effects of easy decomposition and those that remove bad odors, as well as articles of foreign origin that are not legally protected with the documentation that proves their legal entry into the country, having to attach, where appropriate, the original or notarially certified copy of the same.

Clause 10. Any claim to Redpack for partial loss or damage to the effects contained in the Shipment must be made by the Recipient at the time of receipt, in case of loss of the Shipment, the Sender must submit his claim in writing to Redpack within a term of twenty ( 20) days counted from the date on which the Shipment was delivered to Redpack. Claims should be sent to the Customer Service Department, Redpack Operation Center, Ave. Del Ferrocarril No. 25, col. Alce Blanco, Naucalpan México, 53370. Upon receipt of the Shipment, the Recipient will sign in agreement when appropriate, in case of not agreeing with it, you can make your claim at the time.

Clauses Specific to the Type of Service Contracted.

Clause 11. Optional Insurance: If the commercial value of the Shipment is declared, and at the Sender’s request and prior to the corresponding payment, Redpack will contract with an authorized company, an insurance in favor of The Sender that protects the Shipment against risks of damages and losses, said insurance will have a cost of 1% of the declared and verifiable value of the content of the Shipment.

The coverage of this insurance, where appropriate, will be governed by the conditions and terms of the insurance policy issued by the insurance company in question, said conditions and terms will be available to Redpack customers at any of its offices. Claims will be submitted directly to the insurance company by the Sender, so Redpack’s only obligation in these cases will be to deliver to The Sender the notice of loss or damage addressed to the insurance company.

Clause 12. In the event of disagreement regarding the interpretation, application or execution of this contract, the parties acknowledge the competence, within the sphere of powers that the law grants to the H. Federal Attorney for the Consumer, also agreeing to submit to the competence of the Courts of the Common Jurisdiction and the laws that govern Mexico City, Federal District, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them due to their present or future domicile.