Outer packaging

  • Ensures that the box as adequate to the weight and size of the content, so that it neither collapses or bursts.
  • Preferably use new boxes of rigid material, without labels or cracks from previous content.
  • Use thick adhesive tape with excellent adhesion. Avoid rope or strap.
  • Only place the tracking number with required data and the respective labels for the correct handling and care of the shipment.

Inner packaging

  • Wrap each item individually.
  • Uses shock absorbing material such as polybubble and ensures that the item is protected or immobile inside the box.
  • Place the items in the box, placing it away from corners and walls, fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts (which are just small pieces of styrofoam) to avoid movement during transport.
  • In case you pack your shipment in a plastic flyer, the item must not exceed a weight of 4 kg or a thickness of 5 cm.