Prohibited items

Regularly, the authority visits our facilities and conducts random checks on the shipments we transport. Likewise, we have reviews in road sections and by the aeronautical authority. Please consider this information to prevent your shipment being confiscated.
It is essential to allow the logistic advisor to review the content on our service points to validate that the article is not in the following list.

Dangerous materials

The following dangerous goods will not be transported on board aircraft for any reason:

  • Explosives that can ignite or decompose if subjected to temperatures of 75ºC for 48 hours.
  • Explosives containing both chlorates and ammonium salts.
  • Explosives containing mixtures of phosphorous chlorates.
  • Solid explosives classified as extremely sensitive to mechanical shock. Examples: Liquid explosives classified as moderately sensitive to mechanical shock.
  • Any substance or object that, as delivered for transport, is capable of producing a dangerous emanation of heat or gas under the normal conditions of air transport.
  • Flammable solids and organic peroxides that, in previous tests, have explosive properties.
  • All those specified by the aeronautical authority.
  • Live infected animals.
  • Substances that are delivered for transport in a liquid state at 100ºC or in a solid state at 240ºC or at higher temperatures in both cases.
  • Radioactive material contained in vented type B (M) packages, radioactive material contained in packages requiring external cooling by an auxiliary cooling system, radioactive material contained in packages subject to operational controls during transport, packages containing liquid pyrophoric material radioactive and radioactive material that is both explosive. Any substance and article that, according to the procedures and specifications approved by the aeronautical authority, are classified as dangerous goods in the following terms: